Group Meetings

Wednesdays at 12pm, MR 1127


Tentative group meeting schedule:

1/31: Latex and organization (Ed)

2/7: Seminar practice talk (Max & Yao)

2/14: Preparing figures for publication (Ed)

2/21: Literature review: Recent advances in coupled-cluster theory (Yao)

2/28: Literature review: Electronic structure methods used in excited-state dynamics simulations (Max)

3/21: Literature review: Current research in photostabilizers and sunscreens (Katherine)

4/18: Literature review: Photochemistry in optical cavities (Dean)

4/25: Literature review: Current research in "super" photoacids (Jingheng)

5/2: Research update: Yao

5/9: Research update: Max

5/16: Research update: Katherine

5/23: Research update: Dean

5/30: Research update: Jingheng

Other events:

2/5: Salzberg Seminar, Daniel Turner (NYU), 12pm MR 1027

3/28: West Coast Theoretical Chemistry Symposium

3/29-3/30: TeraChem/FMS Developer's Workshop